Effective Options for Storefront Glass Tinting to Protect You from Vandals

Although we mainly deal with home and auto tinting services, we also provide commercial glass tinting, and this is the type of service that we are going to focus on in our post today. Most of the service requests that our company receives from commercial customers are from shop owners who have suffered vandalism and find it really hard to clean their store-front windows from annoying graffiti. Luckily, we have anti-graffiti film and coatings that helps us provide you with the protection from vandalism that you need.

Graffiti cause expensive damage every year. If you do not want to become one of the shop owners who spend a fortune on window replacement, you’d better think about taking advantage of the glass protective films and coatings for storefronts which our company offers.

Here is some information for those of you who do not know what anti-graffiti glass coating is:

  • This is a thick, clear film which has to be applied on the exterior of your store-front glass in order to serve its purpose.
  • This type of glass tinting has an advanced scratch-resistant layer. So, if you want to clean the drawings from it, you should be able to do it with a non-toxic conventional glass-cleaning product.
  • In case it gets damaged by a vandal who scratches it on purpose or due to an accident, it can be replaced at an inexpensive price without scratching the main glass surface.
  • If your shop is situated in a high-traffic area, this coating can also protect it from damage.
  • In case a vandal tries to break your storefront, these coatings can stop the glass from shattering, by holding it together. This “glass blanket” which is formed can later be easily disposed of.

To get your storefront covered with our anti-graffiti films, you’d better turn to a professional local glass tinting specialist like Millennium Tints. In order to contact our office in Las Vegas, NV and get your free quote now, you can call us at (702) 505-7417. We are looking forward to helping you improve the safety and appearance of your store.