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These days, finding a professional who can properly tint your car windows can be very difficult. After all, the difference between a good and a bad tinting service is in longevity. However, if you are looking for a specialist that can help you out, Millennium Tints is the place for you! Located in Silverado Ranch, NV, we are a company that performs the most renowned window tinting services in the area. Besides a quality window tinting service, our company can provide your vehicle with high-quality foil accents.

Window Tinting

Whether you wish to cover the hood of your car with carbon fiber or brushed steel, Millennium Tints will make it happen. The cost of making any element of your vehicle look like carbon fiber is at least a hundred times less than what you would pay for an original hood. Besides auto window tinting, our Silverado Ranch, NV company specializes in all kinds of colored and custom pattern foil installation. If you wish to make your windows match the paint job of the car, we are the professionals that will make it happen!

Choosing a 3M window tint will earn you many benefits — you are looking at energy savings, privacy, protection, sun control, improving comfort and security of your home, workspace, and automobile. Millennium Tints applies quality films only and our team follows a strict work process where no job is rushed or shoddily completed. We will not fail to provide a proficient service and lasting results, you can count on that!

Client’s Testimonial

by Lorenzo Perez on Millennium Tints
High Security and Less Heat

I had heard that auto window tinting helps to keep your car cooler in the summer. I have a job that takes me all over the state, and in the summer, I use the AC a lot. But since I had the windows tinted, I don't use it as much, which helps me save on my fuel costs. The other benefit is the fact that I can keep my phone a wallet in the car without worrying about the windows being smashed for them. So, all in all, I have gained so many other benefits from having it done.

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Bryan Rodgers
Bryan Rodgers
Randy Peterson
Randy Peterson
Taslla Barbosa Almeida
Taslla Barbosa Almeida
If you're looking for professional and affordable window tinting, this is the place to go. The team was so easy to work with, and they got the job done quickly. I'm very pleased with the results and would definitely return in the future.
Vicky Durham
Vicky Durham
The quality and professionalism you get from this company is absolutely fabulous. Family owned and operated..Jim and Veronica are great people,if you support local family owned businesses this is the place to get your windows tinted. For my 2020 Ford Raptor I upgraded to the 3M nano ceramic tint, well worth the money and highly recommended! this stuff is absolutely amazing ,keeps a lot of heat out!! I appreciate your workmanship !
The Duke
The Duke
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If you are looking for a quality auto glass tint, do not hire any freelancers or try to do it yourself. There are a few professional steps which need to be taken into consideration prior to any glass tinting service. If it is not done correctly, it won’t be durable and it will fall after the first rain. If you don’t want to lose your time and money, we suggest that you hire our Silverado Ranch, NV specialists! We will make sure that any window foil or accents are properly secured to their respected surfaces. Contact us today and we will give you more information!